Handcrafted in the Dominican Republic.

old picture of schooner

Our Story

KIRK AND SWEENEY was a wooden schooner, best known for smuggling rum from the Caribbean to the Northeast during the early years of Prohibition. Legend has it that it was seized off the coast of New York with a massive amount of rum aboard. In the spirit of this rum runner, Kirk and Sweeney Dominican Rum is well worth pursuing.

Our Process

Handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, Kirk and Sweeney Rum adheres to the very strict regulations to be called “Dominican Rum”. The process begins with high-quality sugarcane that is processed for fermentation and distillation.


Kirk and Sweeney rums are painstakingly handcrafted to be tasty and versatile. A wonderful sipper to be enjoyed neat or over ice, this rum can also be added to a variety of adventurous cocktails.

rum bottle and cocktails